Excel spreadsheets don't download properly from Icedrive

Anyone notice Excel spread sheets don’t download in their original editable format from Icedrive? I have uploaded from my mac but when I download to another device, it seems to be pdf or some other format. No functionality at all.

Icedrive doesn’t alter file types so if you’ve uploaded as an excel file it will download it as an excel file. Our online previews however are converted for the purpose of previewing, for example if you have a word document or excel file it will preview online as a pdf however if you download it back to your device it will retain it’s original format.

When I downloaded the fiile and sent it to HR they asked me to send a spreadsheet.

Did you send it to them using our share links? If so did they then download the file or simply preview online? If they previewed it will likely convert to pdf for the purpose of the online preview.

As stated, I downloaded the file and attached it to an email.

Ok thanks for confirming. Could you submit a support ticket via Login - Icedrive and attach some screenshots illustrating the issue and our team will investigate the issue for you?