Error when sharing public link

Hi everyone,

first of all I wanted to ask whether I understood icedrive correctly. I have a small private app project and would like to experiment with accessing online pictures via my app. I thought that I could access the pictures using the public link. Is this a false assumption or is the general idea valid?

However, I have yet been unable to enable the public link function which I though initally was due to my new account, but given that the account now exists for almost a week I think, it should work - right? But I am getting the error “abusive IP range detected (73)”

I have seen that this problem is common. Are there any known fixes?

All the best

Hi @StativBus Welcome to the community! :slightly_smiling_face:

It seems the error message you encountered is due to our system detecting activity from sources that could be problematic, like bot networks or suspicious IP ranges. We have these measures in place to prevent spam and other malicious behavior.

The number you mentioned, (73), is the fraud score, rated out of 100. Scores above 10 usually trigger restrictions as a precaution. However, paid users don’t face these limitations and can access our services without any checks.

Have you tried using another IP address or an alternative network ( such as mobile data ) to see if you are able to create a public link?