Encryption update question

Icedrive has been promising that the entire users cloud would be encrypted not just the encrypted section for years now.
Is there any update?
Is this still the plan?

Hey @CanOfFanta7 welcome to the community! We are still looking to move towards a fully encrypted only service however there are still technical challenges that we must overcome in order to achieve this such as file sharing, file searching etc. Our encryption is zero-knowledge which means that files stored in your encrypted section are encrypted locally on your device first before uploading to the cloud. This is the most secure method but does create a loss of some functionality such as the issues raised above as not even our software can access to deploy those functions. This is the reason we have two sections currently. Our dev team are working on this however may take a little while to implement.

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Amazing, thanks Chris.
Other cloud solutions have overcome the problem and offer ful encryption for some time with search and sharing enabled and this is even more appealing now with the UK online safety bill around the corner.
Great to hear the team is working toward the goal.
I read a few years ago that this was the goal of Icedrive it used to be in the roadmap, delighted to hear it’s still being worked on, I think it would be a massive selling and talking point