Dragging video files off of the encrypted drive to local disk results in only partial transfer...however, opening the file on the encrypted drive and going to the end of the video results in it then working..Windows 11

Ok. I hope this makes sense. If I have a video, say, 100MB on the encrypted Icedrive mounted in Windows, and I drag the file onto my Desktop…it often happens quickly, and results in like a 4MB file - clearly not the full video, and very often it doesn’t even open. YET: If I open the video file on the encrypted drive, and the fast-forward the video to the end, you can tell the machine is ‘buffering/downloading’ the video (you can actually see the loading bar in VLC player, for instance). Then, if I exit the video, and THEN drag it onto the desktop…boom, it’s the full file.

There is something wrong with the way the Icedrive client is transferring files to the local disk. If I force it to ‘have to’ read the data by streaming it first, then it works. What’s up with this?

Would it be possible for you to submit a support ticket via Login - Icedrive and I will forward onto our dev team. Are you using the drive mounted app or web app on your computer?

In all due respect, I have submitted about 3 tickets for this issue going back to mid last year. But I’ll do it again. This is the mounted app. The web app and portable app are fine.