Downtime 19/10/2023

As you may be aware, we are suffering some downtime at the moment, which we were not expecting

We have a lot of changes, especially to data structures, in order to release the Mac app tomorrow :slight_smile:

This, usually, can be done in the background with no interruption, however with the sheer amount of traffic we now have, it could possibly have taken weeks and caused issues with users activity during the period, not to mention the Mac users have been patient enough :). Instead, we can get this done in around 5 hours.

Thank you all for your patience, We are really looking forward to releasing the MacOS beta tomorrow :slight_smile:


Thanks you so much guys for all your effort, you doing amazing work, and looking forward those amazing updates!

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Thanks for the update but an email should have gone out to the users.


Thanks for the update, an earlier email sent to the users would have been nice to avoid last minute bad surprises!

Agreed, though this is our usual protocol, we were not expecting the need for this. Again, apologies. But good things to come from it :slight_smile:

It has been quite some time since I have been able to access anything. Site is still down. nearly 6 hours :frowning: - coming from digital i get it, but still frustrating, especially considering the need to access important files.

When will things be up again?

Itโ€™s difficult to accurately pinpoint the exact time, but its looking like another 1-2 hours at the moment. We are all hands on deck ready to go back up when completed :slight_smile:

Thanks. Fingers crossed. Keep up the great work. If you guys need an ops guy, reach out :slight_smile:

Weโ€™re back :slight_smile:

Again, our utmost apologies.


Thanks for your updates about that.