Download via WEB vs MOUNTED

I’ve just started using Icedrive and I have an issue relating to downloading of backup up image files.

If I download the backed up image via the web interface all works fine, however if I copy the same file from the mounted drive it’s not able to be opened. There’s a difference in the properties of the two files.

I’ve included the properties of both the mounted file and the web downloaded file below:

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Thanks for reporting

I’ve just spoken with the lead dev for the mount app and I have been informed that v2.72+ has this issue taken care of

Can you let us know what version you are using? (Also, remember to clear cache on update as you my still have the old broken item in there)


Hi JimmyB,

I was using the latest v2.72 but the issue was fixed by clearing the cache.

I had created a ticket in the helpdesk that’s now closed.



Glad everything is okay, Do you think it was cache from an older version of the app ?

I was a new user so I had no other app installed before v2.72.

I’ve decided not to continue with Icedrive as there were just a few too many requirements / oddities that meant it didn’t work how I needed it to. It’s a shame as out of all the providers I’d tested (and they ALL have issues or idiosyncrasies that make them unsuitable for my use case) Icedrive was the most promising.