Download Cap Settings

Good Day Everyone,

I’m confused about the settings with the Download Cap when sharing a public link.

I am sharing a link to a folder, and it has a bunch of files with in it, now I see there is a download cap for the initial link, which I assume is the amount of times a person can download that folder, but what if they want to just download a file within that folder, does that download cap apply to the files inside the folder?
Also, does the download cap reset at the beginning of the month? So for example, if I set it to 10, and 10 people download it in November, does that 10 reset in December?


Hey @priceless819 the download cap also applies to the files individually as you’re using the share link to download. The download cap also does not reset at the beginning of the month, it is only your bandwidth allowance on share links that resets.