Does Icedrive have filename or path length limitations?

Are there limitations regarding the maximum length of filenames or folder paths? I know certain other cloud storage providers have some form of limits, like max. X number of characters are allowed in the path+filename combined for example. And I know that some others have no limitations at all. I was unable to find any info on this for Icedrive tho

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Hey @AlphaLion full path cannot exceed 260 characters on Windows though can be increased if you change settings in registry.

Hi Chris, I know about the Windows limitation. I was wondering if such a thing exists in Icedrive’s own file system

After renaming an empty file within Ice Drive it cut me off after 100 characters. I tried uploading a file with a 143 character name (the file name limit on Debian is 143 char / 255 bytes) and it accepted that too. I never experimented with paths though, and know it doesn’t exactly answer your question but hopefully will get you a bit closer depending on what you’re planning on doing.

Edit: just realized this was asked 6 months ago, maybe a bit late to the party.