Documents not openning


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Having gone through the community, I’ve seen people having similar issues, yet I didn’t see an issues to would be successfully fixed.

Word or Excel documents won’t open. And it’s not only on Android phones, it is also in the webapp. I contacted the support and was told: Documents may not always work, try it again later". What is it supposed to mean? And they don’t work anyway, even later.

Another issues is on Android phones. I can’t open even different file types, such as music. They don’t even load 9 out of 10 attempts.

I’ve been testing IceDrive as a free user and almost went for a paid option since in general the impression was pretty good. However, running into so many bugs, I decided to go for a competitor as I will rather pay a bit more for something that is reliable, which IceDrive at the moment is not.

I hope you can make it work better so I may give it a try again in the future when it’s fixed.