Document edit access and file save errors in encrypted andr regular folders

Are documents in the encrypted supposed to be editable? Or is the encrypted folder intended to be a backup for files that are not going to be updated, but need to be stored? I had never experienced not having file owner permissions to edit my documents or file save errors (while using Mega for example). I am unfortunately having this same problem with files not in the encrypted folder.

Edit: I wanted to specify that I am having the same access issues when opening google docs downloads in Mega but not the same issue when I create a new document and try to edit it. I am able to edit my documents if they are saved in Mega but not Icedrive. In Mega, if I save the .doc file as .odt I am able to work on the file for a bit, and am successfully able to save changes, but this is not consistent. I’m specifying Mega because I don’t know whether the Icedrive encrypted folder is the difference between Mega working and Icedrive not. Although, I don’t know why the unencrypted Icedrive folder wouldn’t work if that were the case.

I am using icedrive because I want to remove/move all my stuff from google/google drive, and I liked the option of the encrypted folder. I downloaded everything in one zip file from google drive and then uploaded to ice drive. I was using Apache Open Office but switched to LibreOffice because I didn’t realize until recently that AOO was not being updated anymore, and I hoped to be able to find help in a more active community. Unfortunately I am having the same problems with both AOO and LO.

These are the AOO errors.


The LO errors are essentially the same.

I have hidden files turned on and there are no lock files. I set my .odt files to bypass windows security but I am not sure what else to do in terms of antivirus protections potentially blocked access. I also don’t want to disable antivirus protections to the point of not leaving any protective measures. I don’t want to tamper with it too much because I am following various forum instructions but don’t actually “know” what I am doing on my own., and I don’t want to create more problems for myself.

I received this error once from Icedrive:

[date/time] Upload failed for file [file name].odt: Transfer failed: cache file not found
[date/time] Upload failed for [file name].odt to /Encrypted/[folder name]: cache file not found ([if this is necessary info for troubleshooting i will put it back in].tmp)

I can’t edit my old files and when I create a totally new file, I can save it once and give the document a name, but I can’t edit “over” it or save any changes/progress.

I’m using Windows 10 and the LO app is up to date. I’m using the Icedrive desktop app (PRO I). I also had a problem where I wasn’t able to move files between folders on the desktop app and I had to use the web application because I didn’t have rights/authorizations to make that change in the desktop app for some reason.

Please let me know what other information is necessary to troubleshoot. Thank you.

We use zero-knowledge encryption with our encryption service so what this means is that any file you upload to the encrypted section is firstly encrypted locally on your device before uploading to the cloud. We would recommend downloading any encrypted file in order to edit and then re-upload to the encrypted section. This will actually create a new file version of that file. You can still access previous file versions as they are stored for 180 days on paid plans without affecting your total storage.

If you’re still experiencing this issue we would recommend opening a support ticket via Login - Icedrive and attaching the drive app log so that we can take a look at what is happening to cause this error. You can access the drive app log via the following pathway;