Do we really need a Captcha?

I use the web version of Icedrive. Everytime I login I’m required to solve a captcha. I already use 2FA as a login requirement.

The problem is that I have very bad eyesight.

I think 2FA and Captcha solving could be a either/or situation? If you don’t use 2FA then you need to solve the Captcha. If you use 2FA then you don’t need to solve the Captcha.



The introduction of our captcha system was required to combat malicious actors and bots however we do appreciate that it can be a little overbearing at times so we will look into potential alternatives for a future update if possible.

Yep, completely agree, I use 2FA, that should be enough, surely?

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Due to the way that users are authenticated this particular solution wouldn’t work however we will explore other potential alternatives for the future.

Let’s be honest, Captcha isn’t stopping bots, it’s making insurers happy. Just my thoughts. Maybe 10 years ago but today?

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Same here, but it’s not the only service I use that blats me in the face with bicycles and traffic lights despite having 2FA by authenticator app enabled. Can somebody please tell me why Authenticator style 2FA isn’t good enough? TIA!

I agree with the original poster that it’s very hard to read the captcha. My suggestion is why not use the reCAPTCHA instead? It only requires a click instead of reading and typing characters and it’s owned by Google.

Here is the link if anyone wants to read more about it:


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