Difficulty uploading large files on Mac OS

Happy to have been a paying IceDrive supporter since the company opened its virtual doors. I’m a Mac user and have been eagerly awaiting the improved desktop app promised for years now. I’m especially looking forward to a desktop sync folder so I don’t have to manually upload giant files. In the meantime, I’m using the web to upload large files because the Mac desktop app is so unreliable I’ve stopped using it. Files won’t download and they won’t upload. And when they partial do, there are too many error messages. Frustrating.

How do I get the web access to be smoother? I can download or upload very small files (a few MB’s), but large files (say 50GB) take forever to upload just a few percents and often just outright fail (error messages, missing data…). I store critical work data on ID and need reliable access to the files AND for the data’s integrity to be trustworthy. Thanks for any replies…

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Hey @Abe are you able to submit a support ticket via Login - Icedrive and a member of our development team will be able to assist you?

Sure. I just downloaded IceDrive to a new Windows PC. I logged into my account to upload a 150GB work file and got the error message:

"There is not enough space on IceDrive Encrypted

150 GB is needed to copy this item. Delete or move files so you have enough space."

But I have far more “Space free” than the 150GB. I don’t understand what’s happening. IceDrive won’t work on my Mac. So now I’m using it on a PC because it’s supposed to integrate Windows far better. But the IceDrive app won’t let me upload on PC. Very, very frustrating. What use is my storage account if I can’t … store my files in it?

Submitted multiple support tickets. Haven’t heard back…

Hey @Abe do you have the ticket numbers as all tickets are replied to within 24 hours?

I submitted all support requests via Support Center - Icedrive → Get More Help → Open Support Ticket. ID told me they were received and someone would respond to me. But I got no responses and my spam folder has nothing from IceDrive.

Will try submitting one more support ticket and will note down any identifying number on the ticket before submitting. As of today, I still can’t upload large files (like a few seconds-long video) via any platform–mobile, Mac app, web app…

Do you have the ticket number and I will take a look for you?

I have same problem. Cannot upload large files. I have a support ticket open but it is not yet resolved.

Abe, have you managed to resolve this issue?

What’s your ticket number and I’ll chase this up for you?

Yes, You escalated it to the development team and no follow-up so far for last 3 days.

I still can’t upload large files. I had to subscribe to another cloud to have reliable uploading of large files. Hope IceDrive fixes this as otherwise I can’t store files in the cloud.

Thank you Abe. I am going to do the same with my subscription. I was really excited with IceDrive and to support the service. But it is not working for me. Would you mind sharing which cloud service you are using for uploading large files? thx

Hi, Janad. I’m subscribing to Sync.com, a company I’d used for many years since it began doing business. I switched from them to IceDrive. But I have no problems uploading large files to Sync.com. They’re slower than I’d like, but I don’t get error messages, files reliably get up into the Sync.com cloud, and when I need the files again, I can get them back down to my host computers. Sync.com also provides zero-knowledge end-to-end encryption (0KE2EE) by default and they provide a sync folder that works flawlessly on every platform I’ve ever tried–iOS, Mac OS, Linux OS, & Windows OS.

I also subscribe to Filen.io and love their ethos (very strong on both security and user privacy). They offer 0KE2EE by default, too. They also offer sync folders and differential backup options (from folders you choose on your system). And to their credit, they have outstanding Terms of Service & Privacy Policy that underscore their commitment to user privacy and data sovereignty. But they’re still young and maturing so are still working out some kinks. In a year or two, Filen may be unbeatable. If you need reliable cloud-syncing in the meantime, I think Sync.com is the best bet.

I really hope IceDrive matures as I’ve already invested in them and have a considerable volume of files in their cloud. Best of luck.

Thank you Abe. Appreciate your guidance. Hope IceDrive can handle the large files, I would like to stay with them. Thx