Dev Diary 01 - Portable App

Quick video of our coming portable app update.

Main features include

  • Updated UI
  • New dark mode
  • Watched folders

Feedback & suggestions welcome as always!

This will be released alongside the new collaboration features, which we will be revealing soon!


This was a nice little video, looking forward to seeing more of these for future updates!


Thanks Brad!

Our plan is to use this dev diary video series to show what we are currently doing rather than having radio silence until things are released.

We can now also keep a nice detailed release log for each app and update in the sections here too, which will be very helpful as even we lose track of whats changed sometimes :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Congrats on the community launch. :tada:


Definitely great to hear! It makes feel that things is actually happening, sooner or later :slight_smile:


Thanks for the update and improvements.
Timescale for Linux release please?

Hey @Piggy-Malone , we don’t currently have a ETA on Linux but when we have something to share, we will announce it here in the community.

Hi, when this update gonna release and please do not forget that portable app does not remember it’s size and position, please fix that too.