Desktop app vs Webdav

Hi! New to IceDrive and pleased with the decision so far. However, I could do with some help please.

  1. The file transfer using webdav is incredibly slow when compared to using the desktop app. Is there a way I can improve this? Even drive loading is slow.

  2. I’m on Mac so I have IceDrive as a network location. However, the hiccup is that neither spotlight (and by extension Alfred - an incredibly handy Mac tool that I use) are able to search through my files/folders. I’ve run troubleshooting on Alfred and it says indexing may not be enabled on this drive + metadata is missing + metadata is missing essential items. It ticks the boxes for file cache integrity and Alfred has permission to read the file. Is there a way around it? My objective is to open the files from IceDrive itself and then save so it backs itself up.