Deleting file locally doesn't sync to the cloud

Hi there.

I enabled two-way folder syncing on my PC and noticed that when I delete the file locally, the action won’t sync to the cloud but the file would rather sync back to my machine from the cloud. Is that the expected behaviour for two-way sync? It works quite differently with other major cloud storage providers.


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Hey @Pramus welcome to the community! We have a safety measure in place as a default setting so you need to alter your sync deletion policy.

Please try the following;
Run the mounted app, go to Settings, set Deletion policy to “Delete” both for local and cloud items.
This way, syncing will delete items in your cloud if they are deleted locally.
By default, it is configured to not delete items, as a safety measure.


I like the mechanism! I think it might be a bit confusing though since the behaviour on most other clouds is different. Maybe that option could be selectable when adding sync? (Although I get it’d be sync-specific rather than a global setting). Or at least that window could inform on the current setting. My understanding of ‘Sync direction’ was that when I select two-way, the deletion would be also affected.

Hey @Pramus yes that is the case. When you select 2-way sync any changes to either are reflected in both. However, as an additional safety measure we introduced a sync deletion policy to protect against accidental deletion. You simply need to change the sync deletion policy in your settings to stop the automatic recovery of intentionally deleted files.

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I cannot get my PC to sync with the cloud, even using the suggestions above. How can I delete files locally so that they are also deleted automatically in the cloud?

In other words how do I exactly mirror the cloud with my local files?

To create a sync pair simply install the desktop client/drive mounted app for Windows and then open the desktop client. From here go to the sync tab and select ‘new sync pair’. From here you can create a 2-way sync pair between a local folder and a cloud folder. Any changes to either will reflect in both.