Deleted files are shown in recent


Icedrive Desktop v2.72
Windows 10  22H2


I had a folder with 3700 synchronized files, time later I uninstalled the app and removed the folder directly through the browser (also deleted everything from the trash), the problem is that the same files continue to appear only in the Recent tab.

I tested by manually uploading a file through the browser, deleting, cleaning the trash and then refreshing the page: as expected, that file disappeared from the recents.

It seems to be a problem exclusively for files that have been synchronized with the pc…

Hey @SaaY in the desktop client did you press the stop sync pair in your list of sync pairs before deleting this folder in the web app? Are these files recovering every time you try to delete them?

Hi @Chris! I’ve just uninstalled the app. And no, once i deleted from recents, no file were recovered.