Deeper Customizable Sync Feature

I hope this message finds you well, because I’m a little worried about that if this topic is appropriate under this branch. Or maybe it’s better for me to post it under Mount&Sync v3’s thread?

Currently the sync process appears to download files from the server, including those not present in the PC’s folder. What I’m willing to do is to only upload files to cloud server but no downloads for missing files from cloud server. While I understand that this absolutely confused the definition of “sync,” I believe that having a more customizable sync feature would enhance the user experience.

My suggestion is to provide options that allows users to have deeper customizable syncing options. Or to improve upload feature with more scheduled events and memorizing files user chose to upload even after restarting PC using various methods. This level of customization would grant users greater control over their synchronization preferences.

The Reason for me suggesting the stuffs, is that in certain circumstances, specifically while I’m not using my NAS Drive but during the time with PCs. I need to upload a large amount of files with uncentralized (split pieces of) times (For example, 500 files with a total size of 2tb). Currently shutting down PC will pause or stop the whole process so I need to resume the process with another drag&drop. I found it easier by using sync feature and click “pause” under Sync tab, then click “cancel all” under Transfers tab, then shutdown my PC. But as what mentioned above, it’s kinda annoying in the circumstance of only willing to upload but no downloads. Sync feature automatically downloads files which are not present in PC’s folder.

Thank you for your time and attention to this matter. I really appreciate the dedication to continued support and product improvements, and I look forward to any enhancements that may come in future updates.

Best regards!

Thanks for the feedback. We’re actually in the process of redeveloping our sync process from the ground up. The new sync will work completely differently and will be moving towards a more live sync model similar to that seen with OneDrive. It’s still in development for now so cannot confirm the full details of the new sync however more details will be available soon so keep an eye out on the community and our social media for our latest updates.

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That’s definetely an exciting news! Best regards to all developers. Please note me if I may do more to support.