Completely confused with the upload

Hello, new person to Icedrive- I wanted another back up (I also have iCloud). I have a few questions

  1. I have selected Auto upload, it showed 38000* photos being uploaded, and uploaded them into hundreds of folders, but each folder only consist of 1-3 photos and they don’t correspond with the date that folder is named. In the Encrypted folder it’s the same.

  2. I then selected photos to upload into Icedrive and again not all came across?

  3. The % of storage that has been used hasn’t changed it still says 0%?

Would love some help.

Hey Kell,

When you select auto upload you can choose to do it from “now” or everything, so that’s why it is uploading so many items

Regarding the folders, that is because you selected “Auto organize”, which groups into folders based on meta data

Perhaps you are just looking for from “now” and not organized, just lumped into one folder? If so, i would suggest turning it off, removing anything that was uploaded and starting over on the above suggestions :slight_smile: