Collaboration - files stored

I’m a simple user mainly storing my family photos. I would like my family to be able to access them.
With the new collaboration shared folder in dev diary, enter would the files be stored?

My mindset is as follows.
I have a sub account with 500GB photos and vids.
If my son created a free account and i shared these folders with him, when he opens up a file, would that go into his account storage amount?
If so, what happens with shared folders when he reaches his limit?

Hi @Burnleyhome Welcome to the community! The folder would use the allocated storage of the original folder creator. Therefore if you were to share the 500GB folder with your son, the 500GB would be used from your storage allocation.


Thanks for the reply. This sounds just what I’m after.
I would have the sub account and store everything, then the rest of my family could get free accounts and then look at photos from my account.
This is alot better than giving them my login credentials if they want to look at a photo.

Do you have an idea on when this will be implemented?

@Burnleyhome Very soon :slightly_smiling_face:

I will add on to this discussion… I am now looking at the Login - Icedrive version. I am a pretty new user to Ice Drive and this looks good! I look forward to continuing to explore.

Some brainstorming happening. Let’s say that I want to give my mom access to a folder on my Icedrive (currently free but hoping to purchase a good Black Friday deal). I give her a limited space of 10GB for all her images etc. I could create a folder give her user access to only that folder. I would see an icon on a folder with her initials or image in the sidebar in the Collaborate submenu below the Shared with Me, Public Links and File Requests links.

This way I would see the folder/area I have set aside for her in the submenu of Collaborate.

As one shares a folder a link icon is seen in the top right corner. It would be helpful to be able to click this link and have a drop down of some sort show Public Link, Link Settings, Collaborate and Access Control quick options. To quickly access these tabs. I am wondering if these four tabs should be brought into the same modul… not sure about that one.

Collaborate tab or Access Control.
Here I expect to see the list of people I have e-mailed to share a specific folder with. Currently it does not list anyone I have shared the folder with.

Btw I just noticed that the top bar has horizontal icons. I had actually not seen this before.