Can't upload files & losing files during failed uploads


[ Application--web app on Chrome & Brave; other apps for Windows, Mac, iOS ] [ Version--latest app versions ]
[ Operating System--Windows, Mac, iOS ]


I have been having worsening problems uploading files larger than a few MB’s. It started on Mac, so my family got a Windows PC. Then we found we couldn’t upload a 50GB file on Windows, either. Obscure error messages. We sent a request for support help but haven’t heard anything back.

Recently, we needed to upload a 20-second vid on our phone to show a retailer a problem we were having with some hardware. We tried uploading the vid to IceDrive as we’d done with other files on our phone in the past. IceDrive reported the upload was successful, but we couldn’t find the file in IceDrive on any of our devices. Still can’t days later. Another message to support without a reply.

And last night, we transferred (move, not copy) several mid-sized files via the Windows-app. Half of them threw error messages and didn’t upload. Worse, they just vanished from the folder we were trying to move them from. So they aren’t in the cloud and now they’re gone from our machine’s drive. Extremely worrying.

By now we’re very concerned. We’ve invested a lot of money in IceDrive but are now finding we can’t use it as our cloud storage/access solution after all. We’ve had to run back to to have reliable upload/download file access. How can we access support to figure this out? They seem too busy to get back to us. Or do we have to find a different cloud storage company? We were willing to tolerate slow up-/download speeds on Mac OS, but now that we’re losing our data in failed uploads or can’t even upload larger files on Windows or iOS either, this has turned into a liability for us.

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That’s an issue i am having as well… some files fail to upload for some reasons, and Icedrive will not even try to reupload them, or will simply keep a corrupted version of it…

I have to double check everything

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Hi @Abe

Our technical team will need to investigate this issue further, would you mind submitting a support ticket here explaining the issue ( or a link to this thread ) and then send us the Drive app log to referencing the ticket number.

The app log can be found using the following pathway:


did u find a solution? as im looking at getting the lifetime sub.

No, not yet. And the last time I tried to get three small files from my mobile phone up into ID’s cloud, the app said it was done but I found only ONE in the cloud. Just a couple days ago. I have a LOT of data in ID’s cloud, but moving forward I’ll be using a different cloud. The service has become too unreliable.

wow. ive been dissapointed in the upload speeds, but can handle it i guess. now problem is the video player just keeps loading, doesnt play on demand. and also files uploading not into their correct folders. i end up buying the lifetime sub as initially it seemed good. hopefully these things will be corrected.