Can't read or write mounted drive

I uploaded with the web interface a bunch of directories. I now want to with Windows 11 mount the drive and access those files.


I mounted to my I drive and I see all the directories, but when I try to access any file I get.


It sounds like you dont have permission to write in the cache directory, which will cause a lot of issues

Go to settings → mount → cache folder chooser

Pick one that you can have read + write access to, and on a drive that has some free space :slight_smile:

Let us know how it goes!

That was the problem. I see the cache was put into AppData/Local/Temp/icedrive/driver and set to Read-only. I moved it to cache under icedrive and unchecked Read-only. Everything is working (even after a restart) but interesting the file keeps reverting to Read-only. Is that normal and is this an OK location for the cache directory?

It sounds like you have moved the cache dir away from its specified location, or do you mean you changed the cache path in the settings?

If its the first - as a lot has changed, Perhaps it is best to just create a new directory in a temp location and point the app to that directory in settings, just so its fresh and clean

Yes, I moved it to
Cleary the issue was permissions as you pointed out.
Everything is working now.

Thanks for your help.

Perfect! :+1:

Glad we could help

I think this belongs here.
(I’m running in Windows 10 and moved the Cache Directory as suggested here)
I am getting a permissions error using LibreOffice to edit a file from the mounted drive. It lets me save the file once, but after that it consistently won’t allow me to save it to the mounted IceDrive unless I change it’s name (Save as…).
That makes me think the problem has something to do with how LibreOffice makes a locked and hidden copy of each open file in the current directory.
This has not been a problem with other cloud servers I’ve tried, so I am hoping there is an easy fix.

I tried moving the location where LibreOffice saves backups and temporary files to my Documents folder in case the permissions on the default locations were refusing access, but it hasn’t solved the problem.