Cannot use /Open With/ on .docx file

On my Android phone, I get this message when trying to open a .docx file:

It opens fine in the Android Microsoft Word app.
Actually, I get the same problem with an Excel spreadsheet.
Any ideas please? Is this a bug?

No, nothing seems to work. To download a file, edit it, then upload again is painfully convoluted.

We will get this working

Note: Open with wont recognise changes to the file though, so you would save on the device. It’s mainly used for streaming in other media apps

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I’ve a similar problem…
Impossible to open office files from icedrive message : some thing like “impossible to find fapp to open such afile” even with office 365 installed

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We are looking into a way to do this aswell as watching the file for changes to upload version edits :slight_smile: similar to portable app