Can’t upload large files

1.5 GB mp4 won’t upload

Safari web browser
Mac OSX Monterey

File never completes Upload. Or if it does there is Error message.

Works ok with small jpeg photos but can not get 1.5 GB mp4 file to upload. I have very reliable 30 mb/s upload internet, but upload takes hours an never completes. I would love to use your service as interface is so nice but just won’t work. File uploads to other cloud services just fine. I have tried downloading Icedrive app instead of using web version and that won’t even start an upload.

Hey @Schmidtjm welcome to the community! Is it the web browser that you’re getting this error message with or the portable app for MacOS?

Hi, Chris It is the web browser. The app won’t even start an upload. With Safari the upload starts and shows progress but never completes, then just quits. One time it did complete but the file was not there and I found an error message somewhere in My Drive, sorry I can’t remember where I found it or what the error was. But it was obvious from the error message that something went wrong with the upload transfer. Upload progress takes way to long. A 1.5 GB file at 30mb/s should take about 11 to 15 minutes. This goes on for more than an hour before the upload process just quits and goes away.

Our dev team may need to have a closer look at this so would it be possible for you to submit a support ticket via Login - Icedrive and I’ll get our dev team to investigate this further for you?