Can support be contacted here in Community?

I’m trying to contact ID support but can’t log into my own account. Is there a way to contact support HERE in Community?

Hey @Abe although it’s not really intended as another support channel we can absolutely help you. If you’re having trouble logging into your account you can email and this will go straight through to our support team who will be able to help you get logged in.

Chris, thanks for reaching out. I spoke with an agent via chat this morning who helped me log in, but the problem doesn’t seem fixable because my IP address is triggering your security measures. Immediately after ending my chat session with IceDrive, I logged back out and tried to log back in. I couldn’t. IceDrive’s recommendation was to access your services via a different network. Not feasible for those of us who use IceDrive at home. Can you think of any other solution?

Have you tried using a VPN?

IceDrive told me that while it doesn’t forbid VPN’s, they can be problematic (banned IP addresses…). Besides, my company and university set my devices’ networking parameters.