Can I sync a shared Collaborate folder to my local machine?

Hi folks, my team currently uses the best-known competitive product to sync a folder tree containing reference documents in PDF format and we thought we’d give icedrive a trial.

The team leader has shared a folder with me and it shows up in the browser UI in my Collaborate folder. I can access the files within via the browser, or via the Mount folder however this means that I need to (re)download the files each time I want to check one.

When I try to set up a sync pair, I’m only able to choose/create folders within the My Cloud folder.

Is it not possible to sync a Collaborate folder to my local machine?

Also, what happens if I move a file into the mounted collaborate folder (ie don’t keep a separate local copy)? Does it get uploaded to the owner’s local copy and I no longer have a local copy?


You would need to create the shared access folder and share with your team to be able to create a specific sync pair. When you upload a file to any folder it should copy it to the folder keeping your local copy still in situ.