Can I move files/folders from dashboard to Encryption folder?


I have one query, Can I move files/folders from my dashboard to Encryption folder?

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It’s not possible to move files between sections due to the method of encryption that we use. We use zero-knowledge encryption which means that files you upload to the encrypted section are encrypted on your device first before uploading to the cloud. This means that only you could ever access those files.

It means if we upload any files on dashboard (without crypto), there is not zero knowledge? Right?

It is stored within an encrypted partition on our servers however is not encrypted zero-knowledge as with the encrypted section. Although zero-knowledge is by far the most secure method of encryption, that additional security does have it’s drawbacks such as not being able to search files, share files, thumbnails etc. which is why we have the two sections.

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@Chris Thanks for clearing my doubts. Appreciate your help.