Caching system is unclear/possibly buggy


[ Desktop(non-portable) ] [ Mounted Drive ]
[ Windows 10 ]


So let me start off by saying that this isn’t a new ‘issue’, but rather something to look into for how the file caching logic works.
As somebody who doesn’t care for sync folders, I’m only here for the mounted drive and this is the only annoying thing with Icedrive.

The issue with the drive is that caching is weird at best and unclear/buggy at the very worst.

Regardless of Checking/Unchecking “Minimize local disk utilization” big file uploads still do some sort of caching, which makes sense. But the issue is that this cache often isn’t cleared up until restart.

Without checking the “Minimize local disk utilization” and specifying a bigger cache, e.g 100GB, it still goes over this limit if transfering anything that’s over 100GB for example, because it doesn’t do file cycling or backchecking it seems. So why even specify a limit at this point? Seems redundant.
To me this doesn’t look like a cache system, but an unnecessary stop between start-endpoint, that eats up disk space.

There’s also an interaction difference to look into, which is pasting and cutting files.
If a file in transfer encounters an issue due to cache or running out of disk space and it was ‘cut’ instead of ‘pasted’ then it’s effectively lost since it’s probably in some half-encrypted/part style format and unreadable to me.

Please clarify the cache options and please implement cycling into it, so it actually removes the parts/files from cache that have been uploaded.
Preferably it should actually take into account how much disk space there is, right now moving hundred GBs around simply chokes the whole system because it doubles the amount I want to transfer, this can’t be correct.

Did this just now to reproduce, uploaded about 150GB worth of files, Windows install disk was showing ~70GB as free, I used the ‘Clear Cache’ button and it went up to 130GB, but cache folder was still clearly full of temp files, ~140GB free after manually clearing cache files.
Closed the app and opened again and re-mounted, ~220GB free.
This doesn’t make sense.

E: Just in case, yes I’ve tried re-install and even using other disks as cache, it still fills up /tmp/ sometimes and never clears parts/mid-way files.

Hey @neffins thank you for your feedback regarding our cache system for the drive mounted app. I’ll make sure our dev team take a look at this for future updates to the app. Regarding the cache options, could you submit a support ticket via Login - Icedrive and I’ll forward onto our dev team for them to get in touch with you?