Brainstorming syncing ideas


I am on a Mac for now I have the free version but I plan on upgrading soon.

I am wondering how sync works. As I have not figured out that yet based on the interface.

I was thinking about how syncing could work.
Let’s say that I upload folders to the online storage of my Icedrive. I right click and choose Sync (or look at the top icons and choose Sync there). As the modal for Sync shows up I have the option to Sync or not Sync the folder to units I have connected with my Icedrive. First a general Sync/Not Sync. If I want a more custom approach I could click a checkbox for connected units it should be synced with. That means if I have the app on two Mac computers, an Iphone, an Android phone and a Windows computer I would see all of these in the connected units list and would click the checkbox next to each of which of the units the specific folder should sync with.
This way I would be able to upload a lot of folders and not have it take space on the specific unit I do not want it synced with.

On a unit that does not sync it could for instance show shadow (eks greyed out transparent) folders showing me the folders I have online but have chosen not to sync to the specific unit.

Hey @paaljoachim thanks for the feedback and suggestions. Our sync is only currently available for our drive mounted app/desktop client for Windows however our dev team are working to develop a version for both Mac and Linux users in future.

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Great to hear! Thanks @Chris