Best way to sync files on Linux?

Not sure if there’s a way to do it or not, but I was hoping there might be a way to sync files to my cloud drive on Linux like the option on Windows. On the Windows app there’s an option to select a folder and sync all the files, and also keep up with file any changes without needing to re-upload existing files. On the web app it looks like the closest I can get (that I know of) is to choose to upload a folder in the same place as an already uploaded one and it’ll re-upload all of the folder which will update any new files/changed files, but obviously is really inefficient when trying to do a large folder (say, all of my pictures). I also can’t seem to do it with the Linux program since it appears to be the web app in some sort of a wrapper.

So yeah, I guess I was wondering if there would be a way to automatically upload any new files (and ideally, any changes to existing files) without having to manually upload them or re-upload every single one in the folder while on Linux.


Hey @nate welcome to the community! We don’t currently have a sync app for Linux unfortunately however is planned for future implementation. As soon as we have further information on this and a potential ETA we will update our social media platforms and community.

although dont keep high hopes, this feature has been requested for a very long while and no update on it has ever been provided… only way to theoretically do this would be to use WebDav as a paid user and mount it with rclone but even that is very glitchy.

Hey @kavk our dev team are redeveloping our mounted drive app at the moment and are making big changes to address some issues that had been found. Once that is perfect we can then work on porting it over to MacOS and Linux. This could take a little while but it is coming.

Although our implementation of WebDAV wasn’t designed for mass uploading such as with a sync we are going to introduce a less restrictive system soon so that users don’t encounter rate limiting as often.

We know it’s been a while but big updates are on their way.