Best Way To Download A Back-UP

As I have now uploaded everything to Ice Drive and I no longer keep upto date physical backups, I am concerned, nothing to do with Ice Drive in general, just thinking that I need to keep a physical back-up as a, well, back-up.

Any suggestions on how to best go about this?

I was simply going to plug an external SSD to my laptop, select all files and leave it downloading for a day or so.

Is there a better way to do this?

Secondly, in order to keep everything upto date in future, is there anyway when I plug my SSD back in Ice Drive can just download the latest/newest files since backing up so that i’m not re-downloading everything again?

I’m a n00b by the way.

If you don’t have another copy of what is in Icedrive I would download that content asap. Setup a 1 time one-way back to your desktop.

You need to have multiple backups and there are many articles on the 3-2-1 strategy. I decided for me that Icedrive is secondary content, meaning once you download the content let it be your primary content and setup Icedrive to synch that content with no function to delete any content in your primary source. If something happens to your primary, you have at least Icedrive (secondary) content to rely on up to your last synch.

Personally, after painful multiple losses years ago I invested in a NAS which serves as my primary. and Icedrive synchs content on my NAS to Icedrive. The NAS also keeps a 1-way backup to my desktop PC. This is by no way a perfect model. However, if my house burns down I will lose by desktop and NAS but Icedrive is my fallback. If the NAS fails, I have my desktop and Icedrive. If Icedrive goes beserk and deletes my NAS content in some fluke, I have my latest synch in Icedrive, etc. I also have other prior versions of backups which is offline in the case of virus gets on the NAS and erases content which then synchs with Icedrive and deletes all content. Because the NAS synchs with my desktop it also gets erased. That is why you should use another backup software on some frequency to backup content in using version control which can be used for recovery. My other backups are not daily but frequent enough to meet my tolerance of what I am willing to lose. In my case, a few days of information in the rare instance.

My suggestion is to give some thought on how much you are willing to lose and separate the most important content with multiple backups in different formats using version controls of various backups.

I might just need to do it simply at first.

NAS was suggested to me by a friend, they say it’s easy to set up, but when they explained it to me, he may as well been speaking German, I had no idea what they were talking about.

Get a copy of Ice Drive on my 2TB drive downloaded, then perhaps get another 2TB drive and add another copy.

Eventually, I will have a dedicated desktop that I can mount a drive to and keep everything synced.