Being logged out on pc

i have icedrive on a laptop running windows 11 - icedrive logs me out after a few days - is there any way to extend this - its not a deal breaker but annoying

Hey @adacom it shouldn’t be on a timer so it’s likely that your laptop is losing connection to the internet or changing internet in which case you would need to log back in.

thanks - laptop is connected by wifi - thats a solid connection back to the internet obviously when the laptop is switched on but icedrive reconnects on bootup for a period until it asks me to login

its currently logged out so will log back in and count the number of times it automatically logs in over what period - at a guess i would say it lasts a few days

the laptop only connects to the one wifi ssid - the connection is a fixed ip address so nothing changes that i can see

will investigate further but cannot see anything that would cause it to log out at my end