Bandwidth Throttling

Hi, I already made this post in the other thread but thought I’d make an actual thread for it.

Would love to see an upload & download limiting feature for the portable app, similar to an FTP program like FileZilla if possible.

Currently I’m having to carefully time when I upload as there’s only one speed which is maximum, causing it to saturate the connection.




We will look into this, sounds like quite a useful feature.

There are a few simple and free apps out there that can limit your bandwidth - We sometimes use them to test errors in timeouts etc in the apps :slight_smile:



You can use Filezilla Pro, as it supports the WebDAV protocol. But this costs around $19.99. As an alternative you can search of similar apps like WinSCP (also has WebDAV support and bandwidth throttle options). Once you have found yourself a suitable app for the job you navigate to your IceDrive Access Dashboard and can enable and obtain the WebDAV credentials from there (the username would be your e-mail).

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Thank you @SlateDave, I’ll look into those suggestions. :+1:

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@SlateDave @JimmyB I was hoping I could upload to the encrypted folder using WinSCP, do you know if this is possible as I cannot see any option to so far? I’ve tested on a few files and they all end up in the standard folder on Ice Drive.


Correct me if I’m wrong @JimmyB but I think the standard folder is encrypted on the server side which enables the usage of for example the WebDAV access and faster transfer speeds. The encrypted folder is however being encrypted on the client side (using the twofish algorithm) for security reasons. Therefore a WebDAV access wouldn’t be possible as it can only transfer the files in a way that the server can read those. In other words: It can’t encrypt files on the client side.

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That makes sense, thank you.

I found a simple third party bandwidth limiting program so I can still use encryption on the portable app. I’m not going to plug it here, there’s both free and paid choices out there if anyone else is interested in doing the same.