Backup/sync disk on Windows app

I’m a new customer and I’m looking for a solution to sync/backup my local disk.
I can’t find anything like that in the Icedrive portable app.
Is there a solution ?


Hey @Flavien welcome to the community. Sync is only currently available for our drive mounted app on Windows. Sync apps are however planned for release on both MacOS and Linux in future. Please bear with us.

Yes sorry I have not detailed enough.
It’s like @Anon said, I want to backup of my work disk, scedule an hour and have an identical copy.

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The best way to do that would be to use the sync feature with the option one way only (Local to cloud).

This is essentially the same as “backup” in google drive etc, as it only focuses on changes on the local device

I actually have a question about one way sync local to cloud. Does it mean any new files added to local drive will automatically be uploaded to cloud, but any deletion from the local dive would not cause the file to be deleted from the cloud?


@lilac0128 If the changes are done locally then yes it would be however there are settings you can change to not delete on the cloud, so if that is checked then what you are describing is possible

Ah thank you @JimmyB I tested the Portable application, but not the second one because it is named “Virtual drive”.