Autouploading/Sync always fails/stops

Sync always fails
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Iphone 13 Mini IOS
It’s not working successfully, always frozen in a certain number of uploading. I’ve remove and restart the sync and it’s always stops at some numbers and not moving. it makes me so frustrated

Hey @SteveChien welcome to the community! Would you be able to create a support ticket giving as much information as possible and a member of our technical team will be able to assist you with this? You can submit a support via Login - Icedrive.

Hi Chris,

I’ e created the account in this community. What would I need to provide in order to let your team confirm why the auto uploaded function totally froze? thanks

Hi @SteveChien

You would need to submit a support ticket here as we our technical team will need to investigate this further.

Hey @SteveChien if you’re using the IOS app could you also submit a diagnostic log via the app so we can investigate why this may be happening? There’s a “More” button at the bottom (with three dots). Then Help then Submit diagnostic log.