Automatic download

I have been using IceDrive for months now.
The automatic download works like a charm on my Xiaomi Redmi.
My wife however uses a Huawei and her photos won’t download on the server, which makes the app tedious to use.

I reported it at the time and the IceDrive support team replied it was a known problem that they were working to fix.
Would it be by any chance fixed?

This issue is a real burden for her using IceDrive.


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Hey @PhilNancy and welcome to the community!

Thanks for the report - We’re aware of the issues between different devices with the downloading (especially encrypted files)

It’s fixed already on our internal beta, but its currently a very big update so it is taking some time to release - But we are on it!

Check for our notice regarding release of collaboration - That will be when the fix comes out. Not long now!


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Thanks for the reply Jimmy.

If I may none of the photos are encrypted. They just won’t download automatically.
At the moment we are sending them on IceDrive through a USB cable which is very 20th century.

Would you advise of a better method to send the pictures on the server while waiting for the soon to come fix?