Are plans stackable?

Might be a dumb question, but are plans stackable? I have a lifetime plan but wanted to purchase another. If I do so, can I combine them?

Hey @Swifty welcome to the community! Plans aren’t stackable right now however is something we’re looking to explore in future. In the meantime you would need to purchase the additional lifetime plan on a separate account.

Amen! I am looking at another lifetime plan too and I would like for them to be combined versus having to log out the desktop application and then log back in with another id to only later log back out and log back in with my prior account.

Can you clarify how to submit the request for additional storage? When I went out to Icedrive’s site the link option at the bottom of each option was “upgrade.” I did not click submit with my credit card as you stated it is not stackable so I am not sure what would happen if I had submitted? Do you know? Would it somehow keep up with 2 plans with the same login ID so I can continue to use the same windows desktop client without having to logout?

As i was confused as to why it states “upgrade”, I found the option at the bottom of the site page that said logout. I clicked on that and I was logged out and when I went back to the options it shows “sign up.” That is where I am assuming I would have to enter a different email address to setup a separate account?

My preference is for all purchased plans to be under 1 ID (email address) so if it is possible to click under “upgrade” that would meet my needs. Please clarify how the “upgrade” option will work if I were to click submit?


Hey @Mwyarm if you submit a support ticket via Login - Icedrive a member of our support team will be able to walk you through the process of upgrading and explain any uncertainties you may have.

There are no dumb questions. :upside_down_face: Welcome to the community!

As said, I feel that having 2 (or more accounts) because someone needs more storage,isn’t the way to go, very poor in terms of workflow. I really hope you address that making it possible to stack :slight_smile: