Android Photos Auto upload

Hi all, just purchased a 1TB monthy account and have a question regarding the Android app and uploading new pictures as they’re taken.

I’ve set up the app and also given it unrestricted battery permissions but it doesn’t seem to be consistently uploading newly taken photos. I’ve made sure the app has the camera folder set to auto sync and it has worked for a couple of pictures but it seems really hit and miss.

Any ideas ?

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This also bothers me. It should do auto syncs once a picture has been taken. You want it to be a reliable functionality.

Also multiple picture folders should be possible, not just the default one.

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I can’t really work out a pattern but it does seem to be uploading any new pictures I take now. Sometimes immediately, sometimes at some point in the future.

I also tried just transferring a picture to the Camera folder (where taken pictures are stored) but they never get uploaded so it must be more than the mere presence of a new image in there that triggers the upload.

Same here, some photos/videos (in mc case a video taken) simply isn’t uploaded. If this function is unreliable then… well… :frowning:

What I also wonder is… is it possible somehow to have my children auto-upload their pictures and other things for backup reasons but make sure they cannot access each others folders? Because they would not like each other to access their private content. Also… I wouldn’t like them to have full control over my data, including the right to delete all by accident. (Relates to both, android and IOS devices)

Any idea? I guess basic permission management would be necessary.