Android App stability

Icedrive app closing itself; No notification for upload status; Blue wheel of death when entering folder.

Icedrive Version 2.6.4
Android 12; OnePlus 8 Pro

Joined Icedrive yesterday to back up a phone that’s smashed and being replaced on insurance. I’ve set up folders using Chrome (Desktop PC) and started an upload yesterday of my Camera Roll (21,890 Items @ 141GB).

It’s managed 161 Files. When I now enter the app and more specifically the folder the app will either close or just have a blue loading wheel (before then closing after a couple of minutes). Have forced close a couple of times and rebooted handset, all to no avail.

Struggling to achieve what I need to at the moment and no idea of how to resolve.

Thanks for the feedback. Could you submit a diagnostic log via the app so that we can investigate further? You can do this by going to your menu options in the top left and then help and submit diagnostic log.

Hi Chris,
I’ve just tried, however when pressing the ‘Send’ Button there’s no action?

Are you using the Android app or Web app via browser on your computer? Would you be able to submit a support ticket via Login - Icedrive and we can continue via there as we can then take a look at your account as well for you.

This is on the Android app - I’ve submitted a ticket (Ref #CJRMF4VT)