Android app logs out after a while


I have noticed that after a while, you get disconnected from the Icedrive Android app, and need to login again.

This can sometimes be annoying, but nothing major.

Is this a bug or a feature?

Thank you!


We had a report on this yesterday funny enough, so we extended the idle token time by 3 times. interested to hear if this will stop the issue youre having (assuming its based on days on not an error happening after minutes or hours)


Indeed it is a matter of days…
It varies between a week and four days.
Glad to see it’s already being worked on!


Out of curiosity, what is the idle token time now (if it’s ok to share)?

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Currently set to 45 days from 12. A lot of services use years so if this value still causes issues we will rethink. Logging out destroys a token


Could this be the same issue I had yesterday where I opened IceDrive app on my mobile to find it had logged out, lost the dark mode preference and needed a full new login? Once logged in though everything went pack to perfect. Just had me worried to start with

Yes, that is exactly it.

It’s nothing really to worry about, it’s just probably a security feature that becomes annoying, from my understanding.

Let us know if this happens again :blush:

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