[Android] 2.5.0

  • All-new media player which greatly decreases buffering and adds support for many different media types
  • Full collaboration support
  • Better diagnostic data processing
  • Support for viewing password-protected PDFs
  • Music thumbnails
  • Music mini player with id3 support
  • Various bug fixes and performance upgrades

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:pensive::pensive: i thought you are taking too much time for major improvements & major update … but i felt upset… even after many months only few improvements done :pensive::pensive:

Now its look like next update will come after many months :pensive:

Now playing video files works and is smooth. After initial processing (caching?) of around 15-30 sec I can just watch it continuously, not in 2-3 sec chunks like before. Also the video is displayed correctly on the device screen rather than randomly and partially. It’s nice to have direct controls of playing multimedia files in the minimized view (however is it called).

When is a new version planned and what features/bugfixes are on the roadmap?

Video Displaying Incorrectly In Player.

Need To Fix.

Great, now is possible play audio without having to be inside the application itself, but even with the screen turned off.

Hi, this isn’t the major update we’ve been waiting for is it? Please tell me that’s still to come as I’ve noticed very little change