Allow uploading to shared public link

It would be great if I could allow people to upload files to a public link I shared with them. This is the one missing feature that prevents me from saying goodbye to my previous cloud provider.

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If the recipient has an Icedrive account you can utilise our collaboration tools to give them editor level access and they can then upload to a shared folder you create.

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Yes, but I would like to allow non-icedrive users to upload.
This is how I do it in Stack from TransIP in the Netherlands.

To allow non-icedrive users to upload you can send them a file request link and they will be able to use that to upload to a designated folder in your cloud. Simply right click the folder you wish to allow and then go to request file.

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Will there by changes in this respect in V3?

We’re happy with the way our sharing tools work however if you have any feedback or suggestions please feel free to let us know and we’ll consider for a future update if there is sufficient demand.

If it works it works. It is only not very intuitive. In its core it is a single use case: managing access to a particular folder which could be done in one screen with a few controls. The current Icedrive implementations suggests that sharing a folder for write or read acces are completely different things. Also the description is confusing. “File request” suggests a single file, while it should be possible to upload a complete directory tree.

I experimented with the “File Request” feature but encountered problems.

  • After issuing a file request, I used the generated link to upload a file. This works fine.
  • I then receive an email that the requested was uploaded. Great.
  • If I click the link in the email I can see the uploaded file.
  • I can even preview known file types.
  • However, I cannot download the file. It offers me to do so, but nothing happens.
  • The same happens if I directly navigate to the uploaded file via the web interface.
  • Clicking the download icon does nothing.
  • The only way to download the requested file is though the windows client.

I have just tried to “share” a folder with a non account holder. I right click, hit share option, set access to editor and include the non account user’s email address. After about a second or 2 there is a very quick message (doesnt last long enough to read properly), but its along the lines “Acccount holder must be active for 1 day”
The above information about access for non account holders is simply INCORRECT

If you have just created a free account you need to wait at least 48 hours after registration before you can create share links. File request links are also not the same as our collaboration/sharing options. File request links are specifically intended for users to send links to non Icedrive account holders so they can then upload a file to a selected folder within your cloud. The sharing options/collaboration option is for you to collaborate with other Icedrive users via shared access folders, this is why you can assign the recipient editor access so they can then upload/collaborate with the shared folder.