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Hi, have been using Icedrive for about a year, but never joined the community before … so, am intrigued to have a look around and see what’s occuring. I love Icedrive, do have a pCloud account which was my first cloud based adventure, but like Icedrive more smile:

Forgive such an early “suggestion” - but it would be great to be able to change the text appearance of the GUI to a heavier font weight. I do like the fine font (aesthetically) - but as I get older, my eyes would find a medium weight much easier … do find the fine text a little grey and occasionally have to resort to sticking my nose up against the screen and EVEN use a magnifying glass ha ha … apart from that, love it x

ERM … Ithought this was a post into the ATFASC category, but may (in ignorance) have replied to someones post in error … apologies for any confusion lol