ABC of encryption by me a new user

Hi there
I am a new user, I would be obliged if you direct me step by step how to get a key & how
to encrypt in my unsafe device with windows 11.

Hey @ano_999_nym welcome to the community! If you are a paid user you simply need to login to the web app and then click on the encrypted section of your dashboard. This will then prompt you to input an encryption passphrase that you will then use to unlock your encrypted section in future. It is then a simple case of uploading to the encrypted section and those files will be encrypted zero-knowledge.

Let us know if you run into any issues.

Chris thanks again
I am on 10GB Free Plan
So how can I get a key & encript outside the cloud?


Our encryption service is only available via our paid plans so you would need to purchase a plan to utilise this particular feature.

I am in trouble to save my data. Please guide me step by step where
to do the paying staff & how to encypt while having a hacker arround
doing every thing to jeopardise it.

What a shame, if anyone trust you.

If you are on a paid plan you simply need to upload your files to the encrypted section to encrypt your data. The encryption method is zero-knowledge which means that all encryption is performed locally on your device before uploading so only you could ever have access to those files.