A Dedicated Clipboard Folder Within Main Mobile App Menu

I saw an article but since I was using my mobile, I wanted to save the article link to Icedrive to read later on a desktop monitor. I love Icedrive. Its GUI is modern and it’s extremely fast.

However, I wanted a way to put all my ‘Save to Clipboard’ or ‘Copy to Clipboard’ options you are presented with on the mobile menu to a dedicated Clipboard folder automatically. Presently, when you select either option, text files are created with links embedded and stored in the main Icedrive storage and not in a dedicated subfolder (See images attached). Prolong use of ‘Save to Clipboard’ or ‘Copy to Clipboard’ option over time, will clutter the main storage with randomly named text files; making the mobile experience less desirable for said options.

It would be far more expedient to have a dedicated folder within the main menu structure or be prompted with the option to choose where you want to save as you will find in GDrive, Onedrive or SyncDotcom.

This suggestion will greatly enhance the mobile experience.

Thank you.


Thanks for the suggestion!

Im not quite following (its early!). Are you asking for a way of uploading from the clipboard?

That could be an option in the floating action button (+) menu

Let me know if im mistaken!

Thanks :relaxed:

Thanks for getting back to me Jimmy.

What I had in mind is the ability to select where and in which folder to save the generated links contained within the text files created by Icedrive, whenever you want to share a link (See Image Icedrive Android APP 1) using your email, WhatsApp, or cloud storage (which is the case with Icedrive. See Image Icedrive Android APP 2).

When Icedrive creates text files containing shareable links, it allows you to save them within the main Icedrive folder or copy them to the clipboard (See image Icedrive Android APP 3). In any case, these text files appear under Files within Icedrive Storage (See image Icedrive Android APP 4). You can imagine over time, the more of these shareable links you save or copy, the more text files such as you see on the image (Icedrive Android APP 4) will clutter the space. For this reason, it will be better to have them contained within a dedicated folder in Icedrive.

Rather than Copy to Icedrive or Save to Icedrive (See image Icedrive Android APP 3) - instead have a dedicated folder (e.g. Clipboard) that is also an option in the hamburger mobile menu icon; making it readily accessible with fewer taps (see image Mobile App Menu 3) or ideally, it would be a much better user experience if presented with the option to select which folder you want those shareable links saved to.