2FA Backup codes

I can’t find any 2FA backup codes for icedrive.com even though such codes are available for the icedrive community website. Am I missing something or are they not available ?

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Hey @hereforthesupport as far as Google Authenticator is concerned, the “secret code” you see on the 2FA setup screen is the actual recovery code. You can save it somewhere (USB stick, etc.) or write it down on paper.

If you lose your mobile device for instance, you can purchase another one, install Google Authenticator and configure it manually by entering a secret code (no need to use a QR code). Then you will be able to authenticate through 2FA.

Alternatively, if you don’t have the code but need to access from a new device we can reset your 2FA however you would need to request this via email to support@icedrive.net.


I never thought about doing 2FA recovery that way before. Normally I just save a bunch of one time passwords from a website and print it out.

I have now disabled/re-enabled 2FA so I could save the recovery code/barcode for backup during the set-up process.

Thanks for the help!