15-minute sync interval

I can choose either a 5-minute sync interval or a 30-minute sync interval. I would like to have something in between: a 15-minute interval. Would be great if this sync interval could be implemented with one of the next versions.

We’ll consider this for a future update. We’re actually in the process of redeveloping our sync from the ground up so it will work a little differently in future anyway as it will be a live sync system similar to OneDrive.

Good news. Thanks for your reply, Chris.

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One Drive has some horrible features. Please do not emulate them.

The worst being that; if you do not know to ‘unlink’ the app and remove it from Programs & Features then delete your OneDrive folder - you have actually deleted your ‘My Documents’ folder without warning!!!

Also, please do not remove the timed features? Or at least have it as an option?

I am a bit concerned that a ‘live sync’ system that is constantly monitoring i/o will gobble up system resources and is inappropriate in cases where no files change for a day or two.