1 Minute Timeout Error

I have been doing some backups on my desktop mounted drive and on a small upload of about 8 jpg images I got a list of red errors on the error log with 1 min timeout, should have screenshot it, but I forgot.

Any clues to what caused this as I am new to the Windows app/mounted drive version, used to doing it with the web version as I can see if uploads are successful, can’t see if they were on the mounted drive version unless I watch the current uploads or see the error log is clear.

Our dev team have suggested that you could be initiating backups too frequently and it is potentially triggering a new measure introduced to prevent frequent downloads and uploads/overwrites of the same files. If you have any concerns about those files you can email the drive app log to support@icedrive.net and our dev team will take a look at what may be happening to cause this.

You can access the drive app log via the following pathway;


Hi Chris,

I only started using the mounted drive a week ago, when I first tried it in Feb it made my Laptop run really slow, saw that you had made improvements so I gave it another go, works fine, but when I do a lot of backing up I get these errors.

When I get them, I just open the web browser version, re-upload the error files and update the versions in case there were any corruptions, a lot of the time the backups were successful and there were no corruptions.

When downloading off the mounted drive, sometimes I get corrupted files, when I check them in the IceDrive folders, they are fine though.

I do back up a lot sometimes, mostly once a month when cleaning up my laptop of clutter.

My phone backs up to OneDrive, (sorry lol) and I have everything organized in folders, and once a month I back that all up to IceDrive.

When i’m doing my YouTube shtick, the video and jpg uploads are fine.

Things will continue to improve though, I have noticed massive differences in less than a year already!

The one minute timeout is to prevent third party apps absolutely hammering files, it shouldnt actually trigger when using the apps own functionality - Are you using any 3rd party sync software within the mounted drive ?