Option to skip duplicated files

Hello Everyone,
An option to skip all/skip each file/modify all should/must be added because every time I add new files in a folder with some existing files because there are a lot of them to select manually It really slow up Icedrive because It will rewrite all file, so with the option above It would make uploading new files with this problem much faster and easier. I’m sure some can also relate.

Hey @Heppxta welcome to the community! Thanks for the feedback, I’ll make sure our dev team take a look at your suggestion and consider for a future update.

I don’t disagree some will like this feature, but please ensure it is an “option” and not something that applies to everyone. It is far more important for me to be able to reconcile the files in my current local file structure to the file count in the Icedrive folders. Early on, several years ago when I purchased Icedrive, I confirmed with the technical team they are not “filtering” ANY files as I would no longer be able to reconcile my files without having to figuring out what Icedrive determines is or is not important. And that I do not want to do nor should I as a client. A prior company started such process and I left and they started losing other clients for the same reason.

Options are always the way to go as it eliminates Icedrive making any assumptions on behalf of their clients. And while they are at it, it is time for Icedrive to start developing their option capability at both the “global” level (currently settings) which can be overridden at the “pair” level. I suggested this years ago but it went on death ears. As I can see some clients want this option for Pair A but not for Pair B or allow it to be applied Globally. The default option would be not enabled. If someone wants the feature they turn it on, otherwise, it is off to mimic what occurs today.

Thanks for listening.