How do you ignore folders?


For example I have /Documents synced and a folder inside called /Places is there a way so it keeps Documents synced but not the folder inside it /Places?

Hey @kuyenmotdivad welcome to the community! You can exclude a folder from syncing by creating an empty file named “.icedriveignore” inside this folder. As a result, this folder will not be uploaded or downloaded. You can create this file in both local and remote folders - the result will be the same. Hope this helps.

Thankyou, it works. @Chris

Hey @Chris

I am looking forward an UI/UX approach so that we can perhaps right click a folder and select to ignore syncing etc. Thanks. As I add image folders to the online Ice Drive and will then have a copy of all the folders in my local Ice Drive folder as well. Right clicking the top image folder and choosing do not sync should then result it just staying online and not syncing to the offline local storage.